Which aspects of the criminal process do you think needed more study for you to fully understand?

Which aspects of the criminal process do you think needed more study for you to fully understand?

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This forum snuck up on me, but I am very glad to have participated in this course.

1) What aspect of the criminal process did you find most interesting in this course?  

The way the U.S. Constitution plays both sides of the law in favor of defendants and in favor of prosecution really stood out to me.  I cannot begin to stress how important it is for individuals to know their legal rights, the ramifications for their actions and the nature and atmosphere of the judiciary process.  I loved dissecting the Miranda warnings and understanding the importance for both parties during an arrest. 

2) Which aspects of the criminal process do you think needed more study for you to fully understand? 

Honestly, I cannot truly answer this question and I say that because I feel as though the structure of the course worked well.  I like that we had two forums each week and the second forum of each week was a case that seemed to progress and cause us to utilize all the skills made available to us to adequately and appropriately assess the new findings. I found myself thinking outside the box each time.  I found myself thinking as the prosecution and the defense.  I personally have lived with the mentality that every story has two sides and being able to play off both sides of the courtroom with respect to our weekly forums and the final assignment really broadened my scope of knowledge.  I think taking this course alongside LSTD302 really helped me understand the different elements and caused me to focus more on all aspects of law.  Learning the Model Penal Code had the biggest impact on my understanding of sentencing.   

3) I would like everyone to share with each other what your next step is at APUS.  Are you enrolled in another course after this one?   Has this course got you thinking about taking a course that you had not previously considered?  Is there anything that I, as your instructor, can do to help you plan out your future courses at AMU/APU?

So my next steps with AMU is Chemistry w/ a Lab and I have signed up for Ethics in Criminal Justice.  I am due to finish my Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Science by this spring and I am oh so excited.  I will take the summer off and start my masters program in the fall.  I would like to have began a doctorate program, not necessarily with AMU but those of us in the service know how impacting the mission can be on education and AMU only offers two doctorate courses, luckily I have 9 more years of Army service to figure it out, unless I stay beyond my 20 (fingers crossed).  Hopefully when I return from overseas I can be stationed back at Fort Campbell because my love for forensics is vast and my close proximity to the Tennessee Body Farm could help offer me better training and preparation. 

In closing, I would like to say I have quite enjoyed myself this past eight weeks.  Everyone’s knowledge base and different perspectives have definitely expanded the capabilities of the online experience and the learning process altogether.  I have been with AMU on and off since 2011 and I have never enjoyed myself this much.  I looked forward to the course work, I looked forward to responding to classmates and I looked forward to analyzing forum two of each week.  I wish you all the best and may we cross paths in a different forum or class. Blessed be.


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