Therapy for Clients With Personality Disorders

Therapy for Clients With Personality Disorders

Discussion: Therapy for Clients With Personality Disorders

Clients with personality disorders often find it difficult to overcome their problems and function in daily life. Even when these clients are aware that they have a dysfunction with their personality and are open to counseling, treatment can be challenging for both the client and the therapist. For this Discussion, as you examine personality disorders, consider therapeutic approaches you might use with clients.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

路 Analyze therapeutic approaches to treating clients with personality disorders

To prepare:

路 Review this week鈥檚 Learning Resources and reflect on the insights they provide.

路 Select one of the personality disorders from the DSM-5.

By Day 3


路 A description of the personality disorder you selected. 

路 Explain a therapeutic approach (including psychotropic medications if appropriate) you might use to treat a client presenting with this disorder,

路 including how you would share your diagnosis of this disorder to the client in order to avoid damaging the therapeutic relationship. 

路 Support your approach with evidence-based literature.

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