“The challenges of sustainable development in a consumer-driven world and the role of compagnies in consumer education

“The challenges of sustainable development in a consumer-driven world and the role of compagnies in consumer education

Problematic: “The challenges of sustainable development in a consumer-driven world and the role of compagnies in consumer education”.

Part 1: Economic Development and Consumer Issues and Prospects (20 pages)

I.          The notion of economic development

Before discussing the details of the problem, this chapter will analyse the context, history and current situation of the notion of economic development in order to provide the essential information for understanding the following chapters. 

II.         The mechanisms of economic development

Building on the elements of the previous chapter, the concept of economic development and business growth should be further developed, in particular by drawing on the different aspects of the mechanisms of economic development and how they are articulated by examining consumer behaviour. 

III.        Natural resources, capital and innovation

This chapter highlights the fundamental role that natural resources and investments play in the economic development process of the territories. It will be necessary to highlight the fact that innovation remains an important factor in growth, based on an empirical observation to provide a relevant and critical analysis of this concept. 

IV.        Economic growth and environmental awareness

This last chapter should explain how a development strategy oriented towards respect for the environment is favourable and why it is an effective vector of growth for territories that want to develop in a sustainable way. In particular, it will be necessary to assess the ecological impact of certain consumption behaviours and habits. 

Part 2: Conceptual Analysis of the Environmental Impact of Economic Activity (20 pages)

I. The notion of environmental impact

After explaining the importance of the various strategic factors for economic growth, this chapter will provide an in-depth look at the concept of the environment and analyse the environmental impact of economic activity, which is essential for understanding the following chapters.

II.         The complexity of the constraints to be taken into account

This chapter will provide the necessary details on the current constraints of developing countries, particularly in terms of internal and external policy, by referring to the different aspects and difficulties that can be encountered with certain situations relating to growth control. 

III.        The example of Africa

The difficulties linked in particular to the diversity of development strategies in a territory with significant growth potential must be explained. The risks of rapid growth on the mismanaged use of natural resources will have to be examined. It will also be relevant to make an in-depth analysis of the factors of difficulty, which will make it possible, among other things, to provide essential elements to tackle the next section. 

IV.        The need to promote responsible economic development

The concept of responsible economic development is divided into several aspects, the environmental aspect, which directly affects natural resources, but also the human, financial and social aspects. It will be necessary to highlight ways of improving consumption habits, particularly in terms of logistics, by promoting short circuits, improving the durability of products or reducing lost packaging. 

Part 3: What strategy to encourage consumers to be more responsible? (20 pages)

I.          The concept of sustainable development

This chapter should introduce the concept of sustainable development, highlighting the benefits of this type of development and why it is preferable for stable and solid growth. 

II.         Consumer education for sustainable development

In a context of globalization, this chapter will highlight the importance of the strategic advantages of innovation in terms of growth and how this can be a vector for success in enjoying favourable growth while preserving natural resources, analysing the specificities of different industrial sectors and their development prospects. 

III.        The fundamental place of the strategic dimension in a sustainable development policy

The particular scope of the strategy focused on the sustainable development of countries and companies must be demonstrated in order to attract investors by promoting a more favourable approach to environmentally friendly consumption. It will be necessary to show that the public authorities

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