Should prostitution and marijuana be legalised

Should prostitution and marijuana be legalised

1) How is prostitution like other crimes? How does it differ? As part of this Forum response please include whether or not you think prostitution should be legalized or not…and specifically why. Please be sure to full support your view on this topic with scholarly data and or referenced real life examples.

2)  Should marijuana be legalized in the U.S.? Why or why not? Please keep in mind that we are looking for scholarly/thorough support for your view on this Forum, that is, not just an opinion.  please watch the below video. Keep in mind that the comments of the key speakers here are far from unbiased, and in turn there comments should be weighted with a bit of skepticism. That said, when you weigh on either side of this issue please feel free to support and or refute some of what you have heard within this video. 

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