Sexual violence

Sexual violence


Question 1:

1) Why does MacKinnon feel that defining rape as “not about sex” is a disservice to women?

2) MacKinnon focuses on how having power over women is erotic for men — what does this mean for women? what does this mean for heterosexual relationships in general?

Answer each or one of these questions. (250 words minimum)

Question 2:

What is your responses to the article on women and the Internet. What can or should be done?

(200 words minimum)…

Question 3:

We went through a lot of difficult material this week. What were some of the parts of this week’s readings that stood out for you? Are there other areas of your lives where you feel these topics relate? What other videos, music, TV, movies pick up on some of these themes? (initial post 150 words, no word limit for responses to posts)

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