(Solved) SEM22017 Health And Community Studies

(Solved) SEM22017 Health And Community Studies

SEM22017 Health And Community Studies

1.Provide an opportunity for students to complete a substantial research project on a self-selected topic of interest.

2.Provide students with the opportunity to develop a variety of academic and practical skills at Masters level (7) which may include:

a.The ability to explore in depth a relevant issue or issues and to demonstrate a mastery of this issue or issues, in relation to both theory and practice

b.The selection and application of an appropriate conceptual framework and research methodology in order to study such a problem or issue

c.The collection, interpretation and critical analysis of relevant data

d.The construction of logical, structured argument

e.The ability to critically appraise, evaluate, and synthesise relevant theory

f.The articulation and presentation needed for effective communication of the investigation and assessment of its relevance

g.Develop an independence of outlook and reliance on their own learning techniques and research abilities.

h.Develop an awareness of ethical issues in relation to the research process and the importance of confidentiality. 

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