Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on fruhlings erwachen and woyzeck.


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on fruhlings erwachen and woyzeck.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on fruhlings erwachen and woyzeck. Melchior is a smart character who is self-assured and an only teenager that seems to know sexuality and the possible outcomes of it. Herr is pressured to do well in school by his parents. He is confused by sexual stirrings that occur to him for the first time. He does not understand it completely. The two characters present two conflicting views of what happens to teenagers in the society mostly about societal expectations and sexuality issues. the conventional morality comes up in a rather negative manner through Melchior`s encounter with Wendla and her mother`s advice on sexual issues and also through Herr`s failure in exam and his apparent parent`s reaction. In Fruhlings Erwachen, the relationship between social determinants and human freedom is of a contrasting nature. The events that take place in the play are mainly judged or determined by societal taboos, values and norms as opposed to human freedom. Adults have been entangled in to the societal taboos on sexuality forcing them to impart on their children. Parents cannot talk to their children about sexual intercourse. Human freedom is not a choice, the society sets rules, expectations and demands that are to be followed by adults and children through its power structure. On the other hand, human freedom plays an essential role as a determinant of events in Woyzeck. Sexual relationships and tensions that involve Woyzeck and his wife, Marie and between Marie and her secret lover Drum Major. The events that happen are determined by self-choice. Morals are not determined by the society but by personal endeavors and whatever individuals consider morals. This is why Woyzeck defends himself by…

Teenagers became promiscuous, carried out abortions and other evil deeds. The story teaches against rigid societal taboos and against the secrecy of vital information. Woyzeck teaches about the dangers of unfaithfulness and the lack of morals in the society where people decide what is moral for them. Marie becomes unfaithful to his husband, which leads to her own death. In Frühlings Erwachen, societal authority overpowers individual choices. The society has imposed the idea that the authority of adults is unquestionable, also accompanied by the idea that adolescent authority is of no importance to the society. They should always follow instructions. This is also reflected in the idea that sexuality is not a topic of discussion. In Woyzeck individual choices overrun authority. There are no morals to be observed by all. Everyone engages in behavior that they see fit and moral.

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