Write 3 pages thesis on the topic assignment: water resource plan. Causes of Water Pollution Kemp (2004)


Write 3 pages thesis on the topic assignment: water resource plan. Causes of Water Pollution Kemp (2004)

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic assignment: water resource plan. Causes of Water Pollution Kemp (2004) claims that sources of water pollution can be split into two distinct categories. Firstly, point source contamination refers to water pollution entering the environment though direct routes including sewage seepage, industrial waste disposal, landfill leaching, mine drainage and oil and chemical spills. Secondly, non-point water pollution occurs when rainfall runs over land, and collects pollutants and deposits them into rivers, lakes, wetlands, and coastal areas. Activities that lead to non-point water pollution include the use of pesticides and fertilizers on crops, urban runoff, salt water intrusion and the removal of vegetation near river banks, which causes chemical and nutrient seepage into water supplies. My Sustainable Strategy to Mitigate Water Pollution Action Items Action Steps Timeline Research and identify what water pollution is, what causes it, the effect it has on the environment, people, communities, agriculture and the economy, and available mitigation techniques/coping strategies Review specialist environmental websites and journals such as The United States Environmental Protection Agency in order to build up information regarding water pollution and how to mitigate it. Document the sources of water pollution and video interviews of environmental researchers and facilitators to determine the environmental and health effects it has. First 2 months, but also ongoing thereafter if new information or mitigation strategies are developed. Develop an education pamphlet for local communities to highlight the harmful effects of water pollution and how they mitigate its impacts Post and e-mail pamphlets containing basic facts about water pollution and how it directly concerns ‘everyday households’ in order to get the public’s attention, e.g. I will highlight harmful health effects water pollution can have. Develop and distribute as soon as information concerning water pollution is conducted (within 2 months) In order to reach a wider audience than what would be possible with a ‘traditional presentation meeting’, I will record my presentation so people can watch or download it in their own time online. Therefore people who can’t attend my initial town hall meeting can still view it and get involved. Presentation would contain a ‘checklist’ to demonstrate the ways to reduce water pollution. -keep street gutters clear from leaves, litter, debris, etc because they drain directly into lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands -reduce the use of lawn and garden chemicals -dispose oil, antifreeze, paints and other household chemicals properly, and not down the drain -clean spilled brake fluid and oil up to prevent it seeping into the drainage system -purchase ‘eco-detergents’, low in phosphorous to reduce the amount of nutrients discharged into lakes, rives, etc -campaign local government officials to develop construction erosion and sediment control ordinances in the local community -eat organic foods, because fertilizers and pesticides are not used to grow them Initial presentation 2 weeks after the pamphlet campaign in order to generate as much attention as possible Encourage the community to sign up to a community water pollution support group I’d set up a website and encourage people to sign up. The website would contain basic information about water pollution, and examples of best practice.

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