World Report


‘ve included a reference here from a journal considered to be somewhat conservative, The U.S. News and World Report. There are several articles here that detail some research done by their staff with regard to the continued presence of racism. Now, we have cell phones and can certainly film and publish what we see so incidents get much bigger coverage than what happened in the past, of course. 

When I talk to people of color, though, all agree that incidents have happened to them in the last 8 months. In April, I went away for a girls’ trip with my elementary and middle school friends (we also graduated from high school together). This group is all EuroAmerican. While down South, we saw less segregation than we often see in the North. I was asked by my friends about this, and if prejudice was the same there, or different. It made for some interesting talks on our long car rides. 

What happens when you all talk to people of color about these acts of discrimination, Class?

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