Women, Art, and Society By Whitney Chadwick



In this final week our discussion focuses on the legacy inherited from past women; this legacy is evident and threads its way from the Middle Ages until today. Social and political causes and concerns have been at the forefront of this legacy, with women artists all over the globe making strong contributions towards change.

In terms of the media employed by these artists, there is a continuation and evolution of the materials used, such as found objects mixed in with traditional art materials as well as the enormous impact of the digital age for art and global societies in general. Experiences encompassing the rise of the blending of art and design and groundbreaking exhibitions have had expansive influences on the world—particularly from the feminine point of view.

NY Times art critic Holland Cotter stated in a March 7, 2007 article, “One thing is certain: Feminist art, which emerged in the 1960s with the women’s movement, is the formative art of the last four decades…. Without it identity-based art, crafts-derived art, performance art and much political art would not exist in the form it does, if it existed at all. Much of what we call postmodern art has feminist art at its source.”

Legacy: Author Whitney Chadwick stated in her book, Women, Art and Society, “history has taught us that what one generation ignores another may cherish.” After viewing our resources, what do you think this statement means?

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