What Went Wrong At Kraft Heinz By Paul R. La Monica Article Review



Current International Marketing Issues Report. First identify a current article (no more than a month old from the date selected which is MAR 28) related to the topic theme indicated for the selected date (for ex. the topic theme is on international economic environment, the current article chosen for reporting needs to be related to this text discussion). The assignment consists of:

Find an interesting and formal article( can be from CNN business,….)

Topics can be chosen (mustrelate to the International Marketing area):

1. The political environment: a critical concern –or

2. International legal environment: playing by the rules –or

3. Developing a global vision through marketing research

Written Report: The written report should be no longer than TWO PAGES (Typed, 11 font size). For this report, please have the title of the article, the author(s) names, publication source and date on the top center of the page. Organize this short essay into the following sections:

  • Synopsis of the article (what is the article about);
  • Critique of the article and assessment of how well the topic is presented and why it is relevant to the course;
  • Your personal perspective on this topic, especially if it differs from that presented in the article and implications to the international marketing.
  • Attach copy of the article to your written report !!
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