What should be done to reduce rates of hepatitis c in prisons


What should be done to reduce rates of hepatitis c in prisons

1) Start strong; answer the obvious questions. Work hard on the first paragraph to grab the reader’s interest. Start with a short, sharp statement of the article’s essential facts, in no more than two sentences. Start with what’s new, relevant, or surprising. Readers want to know Five Ws: who, what, where, when, why, and sometimes how. Make a brief sketch of your main points and stick to them. Put the most important information first. That allows readers to explore a topic to the depth that their curiosity takes them (not everyone reads to the end). 2) Word Count Minimum 800 words and no more than 1000 words, small captioned images and hypertext links are essential 3)No more than 3 sources are to be cited in your article (by using hyperlinks only) which point the reader to research facts – your own voice based on your experience and analysis of evidence is important 4) The Reference List at the end of the article will be APA style (Author/Date) but you do not use this style for in-text citation, as you will be using hyperlinks instead 5) Referencing If you make contentious statements, please back them up with research. The same goes for facts and figures; e.g. if you’re saying 28% of Australians are obese. How to end The last sentence should aim to summarise or reiterate the point made in your opening paragraph. Or you can just raise the question of what should happen next. Check you’ve stayed within the agreed word count, typically 800 but you can go to 1000 words NO PLAGIARISM

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