What role should SG Gaming and it’s technology/products play in the Japan IR industry?’


What role should SG Gaming and it’s technology/products play in the Japan IR industry?’

SG Gaming faces a strategic decision with their approach to the highly anticipated Japan market. The recent approval of integrated resorts is regarded as a significant opportunity in what is considered the last remaining untapped gaming market in the world. SG Gaming now needs to consider their approach. They are compelled, as a global public company to participate in some capacity. Responsible gaming is a major concern for Japan. As a foreign organisation, there is an obligation to respect the community and culture. Do they simply provide products which return maximum yield to the operators? Or Adapt and develop their systems to deliver mechanisms which support responsible gaming activity? Investing in development comes at a significant cost which requires immense resource and financial commitment. SG Gaming will need to evaluate this investment with respect to competition, adoption and regulatory compliance. Should this be a combination of both, would this be to the detriment of their products main objective, how could there be a balance? To what extent is gambling a problem, what opportunities exist for technology to address it, how can their existing systems be adapted and whether these can be exported to other markets. A number of key issues can be highlighted with respect to maintaining a socially and economically sustainable industry. Moral and ethical dilemmas traditionally associated with the industry and potential greenwashing attempts to achieve positive public perception. Can SG Gaming be change agents in creating and deploying technology which is mandated by governments to support responsible gaming without compromising the performance of their products both domestically and internationally? SG Gaming will require evaluation of nearby markets to establish trends and impact of potential problem gambling and to what extent is there a need to address the issue which justifies investment.

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