What is the impact today of the Civil Rights movement?

  1. What programs that Franklin Roosevelt got would have long lasting impact on the United States?
  2. It is generally agreed that World War II got the United States out of the Great Depression. What, based on US history, could the United States have done to relieve the depression sooner without war?
  3. Where did Franklin Roosevelt fail in his Presidency?
  4. Was the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan justified?
  5. Do you feel Nuclear weapons helped keep the peace between the major power and prevented World War III? Is this true today?
  6. President Truman decided to confront the Soviet Union and began the Cold War. What did President Truman do right and well, or did wrong and poorly in his initiation of the Cold War?
  7. Vietnam is considered by many a national tragedy. The long war spanned 4 Presidencies and is considered America’s first military defeat. Do you feel Vietnam was winnable? 3 Reasons why or why not.
  8. Ronald Reagan is considered, like Franklin Roosevelt, a transformational figure in American History. State three reasons why, or give three reasons why he should not be seen this way.
  9. Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., wrote a book arguing that the Presidency had become imperial. He felt that since FDR the office of the President had gained more power and by Nixon possessed too much. Do you agree or disagree with Schlesinger? Still true today?
  10. The American economy is seen to have changed from the industrial 1960s to technologically driven today. What have been the impacts of this economic change on America?
  11. What is the impact today of the Civil Rights movement?