Week 1 Cultural Competence Project


Week 1 Cultural Competence Project

You have been hired as the Director for Cultural Competence and Diversity Faith General Hospital. In your new role, you are challenged with developing an initiative that will focus on Cultural Competence awareness and practices throughout the organization. In order for your efforts to be successful, you must gain the support of all members of the organization. To begin, you will first develop an analysis overview that will outline the key issues needing to be addressed, who will be involved, and how you propose to address them. This overview analysis is due in Week One. Each week leading up to the final submission in Week Four, you will continue to develop your proposal and submit drafts which discuss each of the following points: A systematic strategy that should be used in the development of cultural competence initiatives. Key stakeholders who will be involved Framework and training strategies Cultural Competence models for health care delivery and communication Organizational and Business impact Organizational Action Checklist

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