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Due Date: Friday, March 1st, by 11:59 pm
Purpose: Volcanoes are the features connecting magma formation in the Earth’s interior to its extrusion at the surface. There are three different types of volcanoes: shield volcanoes, stratovolcanoes (a.k.a. composite volcanoes) and cinder cones. Each has different physical characteristics, vents magma of different composition, and is associated with different tectonic settings.
In this homework assignment, you will use Google Earth to navigate to different types of
volcanoes around the Earth, make observations about there physical forms (size, slope, etc) and interpret their formation in the context of plate tectonics.
Skills: This assignment will help you to develop the following skills:
1) How to read files and navigate in Google Earth
2) How to calculate slope
3) How to interpret features using geologic maps
4) How to interpret topographic features using contour maps
Knowledge: This assignment will help you become familiar with the following
important content in geology:
1) How to differentiate between different types of volcanoes.
2) Why different types of volcanoes occur in different tectonic settings.
3) How lava chemistry impacts volcanic edifice construction.
Tasks: To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to follow the following steps:
1) Download this assignment (it is not necessary to print it)
2) Gather these supplies: pencil, calculator and paper for making
calculations and for recording answers.
3) Complete the assignment, recording your answers as you go.
4) Go to our Canvas course page and take the HW#2 “quiz”.