Virtual Community Stakeholders: Gun Control discussion



Virtual Community Stakeholders-Gun Control

Gun control is a single policy topic with a wide range of passionate viewpoints. It can be a contentious issue in which individual freedoms collide with the role of government to ensure public safety. Visit the Virtual Community, linked from this week’s Learning Resources, to gather stakeholder information in the aftermath of a school shooting. Consider the policy position of a local school following a school shooting versus the local businessperson who wants to protect his livelihood and property. You will select a stakeholder in the Virtual Community and articulate a policy position that the stakeholder is likely to assume. Explain why you believe that the stakeholder would assume that policy position. Consider a possible alternative to the policy position assumed by the stakeholder you identified. Articulate reasons why the stakeholder might embrace the alternative policy position.


1. Post the name of a stakeholder in the Virtual Community.( See attached document of Virtual Community)

2. Explain the position the stakeholder would take following a school shooting and why the stakeholder would assume that position.

3. Provide alternative policy positions that could be embraced by the stakeholder and explain why.

Resources Will be provided:

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