Using Stories to Build Relationships


Using Stories to Build Relationships

Write a 3-5 page professional paper that analyzes the tools leaders can use to build trust and relationships, explains how leaders use storytelling to build trust and relationships, and showcases your ability to tell a story. Introduction This portfolio work project will give you practice with professional writing expectations, as well as motivating and persuading others by telling a story. Scenario You have learned about the tools that leaders have available to them to use as a way to engage and motivate others and to build trust and collaborative relationships. Storytelling is one of the tools. Your Role You have just been assigned to lead a team that has an established history with your organization. Due to some serious issues in the past, you are concerned about building relationships with the team members and creating a working environment of mutual trust and collaboration. Requirements For this assessment you will choose one of the following three options: Option A: Your Own Story For this option, choose a real situation from your own work experience where a team of people needed to work together in order to get something done. For whatever reason, the group failed to succeed. Now that you will be working as the new leader of the team, you would like to take steps to prevent the same thing from happening again. Option B: Case Study – NASA Challenger Disaster For this option, use this chapter: Snarski, R. D. (2017). Communicating clearly in the information age: A guide to easy and effective writing for employees, students, writers and anyone who uses the written word. Tampa, FL: Author. Chapter 1, “The Global Importance of Effective Communication [PDF].”

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