User experience


User experience

Scenario You are progressing well as a junior designer for a leading software development firm called ExSoft Ltd. An opportunity has arisen for you to work for a client company known as Click Retail. Click Retail is an online retail store which operates in the United Kingdom and has grown massively over the last few years. The store offers an inclusive range of retail products such as electronics, toys & clothing to its millions of customers. Due to the rapid increase of online buying and to stay ahead of its competitors, Click Retail has decided to improve the layout of its digital store (online store), in order to improve its customer experience. For the purpose of this assignment, you are required to improve the user journey of the online services listed below. You should consider the website, mobile and iPad-friendly design an important factor for seamless access to the store’s digital services. • Customer login • Customer search for products • Customers payments • Customer Buying history • Admin Login • Admin search for all orders • Nearest branch finder • Market place Deliverables Report – 3000 words [100%] You will show critical appraisal of the UX theory, design and implementation skills required for the design and implementation of a prototype system for the online store. You are required to implement a full lifecycle UX analysis and design, utilising Jesse James Garrett’s methodology for designing digital products.

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