Use of Technology in Law Firms



Toic: Technology in the Law Firm

The managing partner at your firm has come to you with an issue that he believes technology could help. It seems that the firm you work at just keeps growing and growing, which is a good problem to have. As the firm grows, it is attracting clients from farther and farther away, including many corporate clients. In order to maintain their growth and keep the clients happy, the firm must figure out a way to be more efficient and charge lower fees. Also because the firm’s client base is so spread out they must figure out a way to collaborate on cases from around the country. The partners are interested in bringing in more business, while also working more efficiently. They are also interested in keeping travel costs down and giving employees the option to work while traveling or from home. Also with the majority of courts moving to Electronic filing they need to look into the availability of software and hardware to conform to court and client electronic communication and document systems.

You just started working as a paralegal at this firm. You are super excited to begin your new job and really want to impress the partners with your knowledge of current technology. Please answer the following questions based on your reading this week and research on the internet.

  1. What are some of the tools that the law office can use to reduce cost and maintain efficiency?
  2. What are the issues that the trial team must address when operating remotely or from home?