University of Maryland Lowering the Legal Limit for Intoxication Nationwide HWSchool


University of Maryland Lowering the Legal Limit for Intoxication Nationwide HWSchool

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1) My views on lowering the legal limit for intoxication from .08 to .06 nationwide is a yes. Most accidents happen because of drunk driving. People think they are in their senses and can drive. However, that is not true because Korsmeyer et., al states, “An individual with a BAC of .08 percent or higher is eleven times more likely than an individual who has had nothing to drink to be involved in a fatal crash” (Korsmeyer., et all 2009). In addition, they don’t realize that not only their life is in danger, but they are putting others on the road in danger as well. However, I am double minded because people are going to drink and drive regardless. When one is drunk or has exceeded their limit, they don’t realize themselves that they have. This is what causes them to think they can drive home safely. There is no harm in lowering the legal limit because we can see if it makes a change. Also, if the legal limit decreases, then people might start reconsidering to drive after consuming alcohol. At the end of the day, people need to realize that alcohol can be the reason for multiple reasons and accidents being the number one reason.

2) Of course there must always be a lower limit but when it comes to driving after drinking alcohol there really shouldn’t be alcohol in your system. to lower the limit to .6 would mean more people would be cautious in taking a first drink at all. many cases of drunk driving start from just planning to have one drink and then continuing to drink unexpectedly. knowing that your BAC level could reach the legal limit sooner is a great deterrent. drunk driving is so dangerous that many alternatives and prevention methods are spread through culture. Always have a designated driver is a phase that i know and yet have no idea where i heard it. We now have uber and lyft, these services can provide a designated driver on demand for a small cost. Car brands are exploring the use of assisted driving and self driving cars to create an intertwined web for a safe automated transportation system. if after this law change there was also a slight upturn in the number of random sobriety checks it would become clear that drunk driving is something that is trying to be stomped out by society.

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