Theories and Ideas QuestionsSchool


Theories and Ideas QuestionsSchool

Inver Hills Community College

Question Description

Watch the following videos and then discuss them. Some possible questions/prompts to discuss are listed:(300-400 words or more)

1) Isn’t Evolution Just a Theory?

Is it correct to say the evolution is JUST a theory? Is gravity JUST a theory? Defend your answer.

2) Who Was Charles Darwin?

Why was Darwin considered to be a “revolutionary”?

3) How Do We Know Evolution Happens?

Describe the transitional fossils associated with whale evolution. Include specific examples of these fossils and explain why they are considered to be whale ancestors?

4) How Does Evolution Really Work? the process of natural selection and how it affects hummingbird populations.

5) Did Humans Evolve?

Explain how DNA sequences are used to provide evidence of common ancestry.

6) Why Does Evolution Matter Now?

Why is the theory of evolution an important theory in for doctors and the field of medicine? How does the theory affect the way illnesses and treatments are approached?

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