The Value of Networking in Small Business


The Value of Networking in Small Business

            The digital age creates a platform to which a small business can grow and flourish or fail to rise. The success of a small depends on the capabilities of a digital leader, digital literacy in networking has proven that businesses must comply with the changing marketing strategies and venture into the future (Hadad & Bratianu, 2019). This paper will explain various strategies that a small business can use to maximize networking.

            The first strategy for maximizing referral network in a small business by offering exceptional customer care services. The focus on customer care services should be on quality and the speed of the services they offer. Quality and speed must be constant to meet the needs of the clients that will get them to come back and refer other clients in need of their services. By establishing exceptional customer care services, a business can now set up earning platforms through referrals that will enable the business to grow its customer base and eventually grow exponentially.

            The digital era has ushered in the social media services that are vital for networking and marketing in a business. A small business can utilize the use of social media to market its products and services, networking through social media can be done through Facebook pages and websites and blogs that are customer-oriented and easy to navigate. Social media offers a platform that a business can benefit from by learning the needs of customers and the areas of improvement through feedback and suggestions. Social media also offers an easy mode of sharing the business services at a click of a button through the referral programs ( Griffith & Hoppner, 2013).

            Small business can either fall or succeed on their first trials but its success solely depends on the agility of the manager to market the business and reach a high number of customers through networking. Most of the big corporates have utilized the digital era to grow their businesses through networking and referral programs. To succeed, good knowledge of the digital market is vital for the success of a small business.


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