The first carton image posits that people are peaceful and harmonious due to the signing of the U.S- Soviet Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty that came into force on 31st July 1991 that was signed by President George W Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. Détente is meant to increase the trade relations between the Eastern and the Western states. The second picture conveys that the people of the United States fear that the negotiations of the reductions of arms with the Soviets might bring about a Hegemony and thus the people of America fear that this tactic is meant to weaken their power. As a result, America and Russia did not keep the SALT 1 agreement that they had made to reduce their conventional weapons (Kristensen, 2017).
The United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) signing of the Soviet Strategic Arms Treaty, which barred the signatories from creating and dispatching 6000 nuclear warheads. It was a good idea for the United States to negotiate a reduction of arms with the Soviet Union since the treaty led to the reduction of arms to 50 % between Russia and America. Russia has issues with the idea of the United States trying to incorporate China in the nuclear arms control initiative stating that Russian and the United States force nuclear forces cannot be compared to china. Moreover, China refused to enter in negotiations posited that once they agree to negotiation of arms, it would lead to a multilateral format opposed to the bilateral format that was entered into by Russia and the United States of America (Oliker, 2017).

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