The Tension Between Psychology And Christianity


Sm8 Discussion Thread: Going Forward

Disc 5 – Read: Wolters: Postscript

The student will post one thread of at least 500 words, students must support their assertions with at least 1 scholarly citation in current APA format. Acceptable sources include the textbook, the Bible, etc. 

Book:  Wolters, A.M. (2005). Creation Regained (2nd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing. 

In this module, the tension between psychology and Christianity has been reframed to be a calling, rather than a problem. And, you’ve read about the call to witness and mission that all believers have. Contemplate what that means for you personally as well as what it looks like in your chosen research subarea of Psychology. And share your thoughts on the following questions in this final discussion. 

· How does viewing work motivation as a calling to share the Gospel change how you view the tension between the science of psychology and Christianity?

· How does the Gospel message of the restoration of humankind matter to into work motivation.

You are encouraged to truly spend time thinking about and praying about these questions before formulating a response. 

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