the Roman Empire


You are required to write a  paper (41/2 /5 pgs.) on the following topic:

The first two centuries of the Roman Empire are considered the peak of Roman civilization from a political, economic and socio-cultural point of view. After the second century, which was defined by ancient authors a ‘golden age,’ a political and economic crisis in the third century transformed the Roman state from a Principate into a Dominate, an even more autocratic system of government. What are the major causes and political events that led to the growth of the emperor’s power and how did this power develop over time?


 Each writing assignment must comply with the following guidelines:

  • papers must be 4 ½ -5 pages in length
  • papers must be typed in Times New Roman 12 point font with 1.5 line spacing
  • papers must have 1” margin width for each side of the page (left, right top and bottom)

Each writing assignment will be graded upon the following criteria:

Argument and Structure

You should structure your paper in an organized composition. Usually a paper is divided in three main blocks: an introductory paragraph, where you state your thesis on the topic you will discuss; a body, where you should try to thoroughly analyze and support your thesis with evidence from primary and secondary sources clearly and coherently following a linear organization of your ideas; and a conclusion, where you validate your thesis in light of your analysis.

Knowledge and Critical Understanding

You should demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge of the sources on which your argument rests (i.e.  primary sources: ancient literary and epigraphic sources and archaeological evidence; secondary sources: interpretation of primary sources) and that you are able to manage them having come to your own understanding of their significance. I am therefore expecting that you cite at least one ancient source.

Quality of Writing

Your argument should be expressed in clear, concise, and readable English. There should be no grammar, syntax, or spelling errors. Precision and eloquence of expression will be rewarded.


You must always acknowledge your primary and secondary sources. You can use the Chicago style (see Canvas modules) or the MLA (Modern Language Association) style (for MLA citation examples you can go to: and In any case, whatever style you wish to use, make sure that you are consistent with your citations.