The London Met and it’s Accountability to Mark Duggan’s “Lawful” Killing


The London Met and it’s Accountability to Mark Duggan’s “Lawful” Killing

A 2,500 word case study essay, where you will complete a longer piece of independent research on your chosen case study (60% of marks). This assessment is designed to test all of the learning outcomes for the module. As well as being judged against the general marking criteria (structure, clear argument, clarity of expression, and conformity with referencing standards), you will be assessed on the extent that you identify themes and locate yourself within the academic literature, provide evidence, successfully adopt methodological techniques and draw from and development of theory. This piece of assessment will be in essay format, but is not a set essay in which you are given the question, it is an applied research paper in which you chose the topic and set the question. You may select a case study of your choice but it must relate to one of the themes covered in the lectures and seminars in the module. Marking Criteria draw from and develop theory, that locates the concepts you are using within the academic literature ability to successfully adopt methodological techniques evidence provided from sources analysis of the case and themes that arise written expression and academic referencing standards.

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