The Eugenics Movement in the Early 20th Century


  Schultz, D.P., & Schultz, S.E. (2012). A History of Modern Psychology, (Ed. 10th).

  • Chapter 6, Functionalism: Antecedent Influences
  • Chapter 7, Functionalism: Development and Founding
  • Chapter 8, Applied Psychology: The Legacy of Functionalism

Background Information:

Your Discussion Forum posts this week are first and foremost a discussion of your experience, thoughts, feelings, difficulties, biases, or anything else that comes to mind, that takes you to a place of self-reflection related to the subject of Eugenics. 

In your self-reflection discussion, think about the following questions and relate these to the nine virtual Eugenic exhibits that you will tour through the multimedia site, Eugenics Virtual Archives (Please note: For the Discussion Forum posts, it is to be a  growth experience for each of you personally, so the response required is where this process took you in your mind, heart and soul).

Before the Initial Post:

  1. Tour the nine virtual exhibits in the Eugenics Virtual Archives. 
  2. Watch the video, War on the Weak: Eugenics in America. 
  3. Read Dudley and Gale (2002) article on psychiatry and eugenics. Attached below


  • Describe 3 contributing factors from the field of psychology to the Eugenics movement in America and/or in Germany and discuss what you personally learned from the Eugenics archive.
  • Briefly discuss the Dudley and Gale (2002) article and then describe how we ass professionals in our field can avoid committing similar mistakes from the past?
  • Did you feel that you learned more about you as it relates to your worldview, biases, psychology or relationship with God? Discuss briefly.
    • Make initial post
    • 250-300 words

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