The Cold War


The Cold War was an era of tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States. The world basically lined up behind each of these countries. Then there were countries such as Yugoslavia and China who shunned from Soviet communism and implemented their own.


In this forum, you are to look at the various leaders of the Cold War Era a 40 year window, 1950-1990.

You will pick one leader – One Leader per Person – Look at an event that happened during their time in office discuss what happened and has historical significance during the Cold War (positive event or negative event).

Once you have located your leader, I want you to become that person. So, when you are writing your forum, you are writing from the perspective of the person you choose. For instance, if you pick Ronald Reagan and you want to talk about the Strategic Defense Initiative, you will become President Reagan. As President Reagan you will talk about the Initiative. In other words, I am no longer Linda Swartz for this forum, I am Ronald Reagan.

You will have a source – NO WIKI OR ENCYCLOPEDIAS just for reference purposes.

Forum requirement is 300 words