Strayer University Company Engaging in Legal but Unethical Conduct DiscussionSchool


Strayer University Company Engaging in Legal but Unethical Conduct DiscussionSchool

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Discuss the following:

  • Unethical conduct is not necessarily illegal conduct, and the difference between ethical and unethical conduct can be difficult to spot. Using the Internet, identify an example within the last year of a company engaging in legal but arguably unethical conduct. Determine two reasons why this conduct could be deemed unethical and why you believe the company failed to make the right decision. Provide your sources for information. Please try to provide an example company no one has written on.
  • When it comes to legal conduct, where are laws found and what is the purpose of law identified in the chapter reading? Which do you most agree with? If running a business, where should a business executive look to find and understand the law that governs their business?
  • Remember to include your sources and links for your research and answers – all answers must be researched and informed, not opinion.
  • Respond to the following peer posting: In 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), issued a warning that dry cleaning workers exposed to the chemical known as perc, may be at risk for several types of cancer if exposed over a long period of time. In data collected from 2006, the EPA estimated that nearly 30,000 dry cleaners in the US used perc and that exposure to this chemical through the air or soil is a health risk. According to the EPA, exposure to high amounts of perc for a short amount of time, like the children on the playground, can cause headaches, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.
  • In this example, we are not given the details of the chemicals used. Not all dry cleaners use perc, so we will not be able to draw reasonable conclusions based on the information provided. However, assuming it is perc that is being smelled and can be seen collecting on the playground, a complaint would need to be filed by the day care to have emission levels tested. This needs to be done because emission levels are not regularly tested by the state authorities to ensure that the facility in still compliant after 10 years of operation. I do believe that the day care needs to uphold their ethical obligation to their clients to find out if the playground is safe for the children and if not, to have the violations identified and corrected.
    Anna Codrea-Rado. (November 18, 2016 Friday). Can dry cleaning give you cancer? The hidden hazards of delicates; Despite a 2012 EPA report finding that dry cleaning is a toxic process in the US, many Americans have no idea the way they clean their clothes is carcinogenic. The Guardian. Retrieved from

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