Strayer Expert Witness & Family Preventing Delinquent Behavior QuestionsSchool


Strayer Expert Witness & Family Preventing Delinquent Behavior QuestionsSchool

Strayer University

Question Description

“Psychology over Public Policy” Please respond to the following:

  • Review the video titled “Choosing an Expert Witness” (7 min 10 s), located at Determine two (2) key factors that legal system professionals could use when selecting an expert witness. Next, discuss one (1) fundamental way that an expert can influence the legal system and analyze whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage to the legal system. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Per the text, the need for expert testimony is based on the belief that experts have specialized knowledge that helps jurors understand the particulars of the evidence being presented to them. Find one case (past or current) that utilized an expert witness and discuss how this expert assisted the jury and court process. Discuss the evidence that they were called to clarify and speak as an expert.

Bottom of Form

What Works: Prevention

  • Please refer back to Table 5.2 on page 125 of your textbook. What role does family play in preventing delinquent behavior?
  • Next, please research the concept of “Parens patriae.” Does it apply today?
  • Do you agree with this doctrine?
  • What if parents were punished for what their children do?
  • Would parents supervise their kids differently?

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