Strategic Role of Design


Strategic Role of Design

This essay have been done by you. But prof. reject it, so I need you to revise the essay. Cause the topic is about design. Prof. want us to mention what have been teach at class. Please add following two topic, 1. PAW Patrol:Why the cartoon can be so popular around the world and lots of children like it? 2. Every use very simple material to make a “future bags” like IoT bags or transform bags. I attach last time you have done. please add or revise 1000 words. Thanks Following is original instruction For the take-home assignment, you are asked to prepare a proposal for how to further the use of design within your organization. The proposal should be grounded in your learnings from the module (including the mandatory readings as well as the in-class discussions) but extend upon it by outlining a proposal for how to apply what you have learnt about design in real-world practice. In particular, accounting for the needs and possibilities inherent in your own organization and the market it serves, your proposal should provide a focused perspective on: (a) how you think design (or design thinking) could be implemented to further a specific aspect of your organization and/or its offering and (b) how you practically would go about in strengthening the position of design within your organization. For example, your proposal could address how to strengthen the identity of your products (or services) through a more active use of design and/or how to practically strengthen your organizations design capabilities in collaboration with external design partners. The instructions for the take-home assignment will be explained and discussed in detail during Sunday afternoon session. The assignment should result in a written report of 5-7 pages of text (approximately 2500 words) with accompanying visuals and graphs. As for the pre-assignment, please remember to clearly reference what sources (literature, lecture material, etc.) you draw upon outlining your advice. For the purpose of the assignment, in outlining your advice, you are expected to make use of at least one of the pre-readings for each of the two days in the module.

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