strategic plans and issues


There are a set of core elements that human services administrators should use to develop and implement strategic plans. These core elements are the fundamentals, the strategic issues, and the technicals. The fundamentals include the core values, mission, and vision, which represent the organizational identification (ID). The strategic issues include a SWOT analysis tool, which highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strategic issues also include a gap analysis, an environmental scan, and stakeholder surveys. The technicals element includes items such as strategic goals, strategies, leading indicators of success, performance targets, and action plans for each year of the strategic plan. The technicals element is the executable part of the strategic plan. The core elements of the strategic planning process are interrelated and complex. For this Wiki, review the core elements interactive media, “Structural Framework: Strategic Planning,” in the Learning Resources this week. This visual presentation will provide you with examples of how core elements work together in the strategic planning process. First, review the Graphic Novel: Chapter 6 for background information on Kerry. Next, review the Graphic Novel: Chapter 7. Finally, review the Virtual Community, paying special attention to the New Harbor Community Center.

Post the elements you believe are needed for Kerry to set out a strategic plan for gaining support from stakeholders for her new project and the relationship between at least two core elements. Provide a rationale and/or support for your response.

Continue to post and add on to the Wiki through Day 7, adding additional ideas to build a strategy and gain support from stakeholders.

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