Steps for Conducting a Case Analysis



· Paper: 4 pages, double-spaced (not including the references page), uploaded to D2L assignment folder, a comment on the upload should articulate the team’s work breakdown

· Video Presentation: 15 minutes, recorded presentation containing a slide deck and audio, stored in Google Drive and shared via web link to course spreadsheet

Steps for Conducting a Case Analysis

· Define the problem

· List any outside concepts that can be applied

· List relevant qualitative data

· List relevant quantitative data

· Perform external Research on this company or similar companies that have gone through a similar situation. (Research on 2 companies is recommended).

· Describe the results of your analysis.

· Describe alternative actions.

· Describe your preferred action plan.

* Note, there is no ‘template’ to follow, no set ‘way’ to do this. As you prepare to enter business, your creative insight is needed in order for you to be able to get your message across in a convincing manner. Be professional.

* Many teams respond with a write-up that is accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation with bullets to make their case and their recommendation. Others prepare a write-up and incorporate charts, graphs, pictures, etc. Make this your own. Be creative.

* Create a response that is backed up with facts and data to support your view and is convincing. Also, be clear on the ‘why’ behind the recommendation.

* There is no ‘right or wrong’ answer to responding to this case. Rather, we are looking to see how you apply the concepts of operations and supply management from the class to address a real business issues. Finally, please respond from Jessica’s and the company’s point of view when making your recommendation

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