SPHS 503 APU Hydration Recommendation During Off Season Period PaperCourse


SPHS 503 APU Hydration Recommendation During Off Season Period PaperCourse

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Athletic Director: Congratulations! Mission accomplished! All three teams achieved their goal, and I know it was your help that brought us this success. I can’t thank you enough! Now I have one last request. We need to put it all together for this final assignment. I need you to prepare a pamphlet the team can use in-between seasons when you are not available. Let’s focus! I’ll have each coach tell you what they need.

Coach Speedy: Our season starts late summer and ends late fall. I tell my athletes that their off-season determines how well they do during the season. Since their off-season includes the hot summer months, they need guidance on hydration. What should they drink during the hot summer training months?

Coach Power: We pump iron all year round. How much protein should my athletes be eating? Should they eat the protein before or after they work out?

Coach Combo: During the offseason, my players will continue to strength condition and run for aerobic conditioning. I know they need to eat before and after they exercise. What it the timing and what should they eat?

Athletic Director: Now that you have heard from each coach, let’s put this assignment together. I am looking forward to seeing what you develop. You can use any platform, for example, video, pamphlet, brochure, flip book, Prezi presentation, but make it interesting so our athletes will want to read it. Throw in a few pictures and color. Have fun. Think out of the box but be sure to include the following though. You can add other tidbits of information, but be sure to address these concerns. You can pick any of the three topics.

Topic 1: Hydration Recommendations

  1. Specific guidelines for fluids to drink and how much
  2. Ways to detect if you are hydrated

Topic 2: Protein recommendations

  1. How much protein the athlete should eat
  2. Sources of protein

Topic 3: Pre and Post Workout Recommendations

  1. Timing of eating before and after exercising
  2. What foods should be eaten

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