Situational Judgment Test and a BES Rating Dimension


Situational Judgment Test and a BES Rating Dimension.

Ms. Cold would like to have a number of tests in place for candidates to answer as part of the selection process. She would also like to measure the work performance of the servers within the first ninety days of employment. You were assigned to develop the following tests:

1. Compose a situational judgment test for servers of the restaurant. 

The test should include:

o Four multiple choice questions of possible situations waiters/servers may encounter when dealing with customers.

o Four possible answer choices for each question.

o On a separate sheet, indicate the rating scale for each question.

2. Prepare a BES Rating Dimension for the servers. The rating dimension should cover three scales:

o Interactions with customers;

o Server’s responsiveness and attitude with customers; and

o The server’s demeanor when taking orders.

Deliverable Directions

Your tests must be formatted as follows:

1. APA formatting: Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font; 1-inch margins; Page numbers in the top right corner; Doubled spaced.

2. Each part must follow the APA formatting guidelines for headings to separate and classify each test. 

3. The combined parts must be 2 pages of content.

Combine your Tests into one Microsoft Word document with a page break separating each document  

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