significant impacts of biodiversity are extinction and resource extraction


Two significant impacts of biodiversity are extinction and resource extraction. Extinction has become a threat to biodiversity with the growth of the population. The textbook states, “population worth and expansion leads to an exploration of previously untouched ecosystems declining biodiversity.” (Dale, 2015, p. 9.2) An example of this growth can be reflected in the extinction of the coral reefs, as it stands “10% of the worlds coral reefs destroyed, and 30% are in danger.” (Dale, 2015, p. 9.2)With the rapid growth in population size, we have pushed Earth to the limit, and its reflected in the declining coral reef ecosystem. The second significant impact of biodiversity is resource extraction. Drilling for oil, mining for coal and logging have dramatically impacted the shape of the earth as well as the climate make-up. This resource extraction or, “poorly managed exploitation of natural resources” (Dale, 2015, p. 9.2) has been happening for years; it is only now that we are indeed starting to understand the long-term consequences to our actions. Logging and drilling for oil have a destabilizing effect on the ecosystem making it less capable of absorbing waste and carbon. 

The threat of extinction and resource extraction can be mitigated with help from local state and government officials. Some state and local officials have set up “departments are dedicated to the manage education, outreach, hunting, and fishing programs.” (Dale, 2015)  Because hunting is prevalent, cities are using the money from hunting permits and licenses to sustain the big fish and game populations. This management between local and state governments ensures the population of animals stay at a constant level and are not endangered or becoming endangered but do not become overpopulated which causes its own set of ecosystem concerns. 


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