SEGI University The Indian Contract Act 4 DiscussionSchool


SEGI University The Indian Contract Act 4 DiscussionSchool

SEGi University

Question Description

around 2000 words.

Must be completed in accordance with the requirements in the Word, turnintin no more then 25%

Guidline on completing the assessement

This is case study that requires you to advice, you as young executive have joined company and you are required to advice your office mates who seek your advice on a number of legal issues –

Questions 1)

This 40 marks questions which your answer must have enough content.

– Basic requirement for contract

– One of the most important requirement is free consent.

– What is a free consent ?

-What are the relevant sections for this ?

– When a free consent may not exist ?

– When there is section which section is most appropriate here?

-What happens if the consent is not free?

– What happens to the contract, this is what you need discuss.

Questions 2

This is a very straight forward questions which requires you to discuss the main sources since you will be using Contract Act which is a legislation and a lot of cases which is part unwritten law.

Question 3

Explain what is meant by separate legal personality.

-What is the legal effect of Saloman v Saloman

– Is the law past in this case absolute ?

– What are the situations the courts are willing to lift the veil of incorporation.

– Have to discuss both statutory exception and common law exception.

– Conclusion, court don’t simply lift the veil of incorporation.

Question 4

— There are so many ways an agency can be created.

– The questions clearly says someone went ahead and entered into contract without getting the company’s consent, please discuss under which type of Agency this will come under.

– Need to discuss all the condition .

– Conclusion.

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