SCIENCEUniversity of California The Anthropocene QuestionsSchool


SCIENCEUniversity of California The Anthropocene QuestionsSchool

University of California

Question Description

Please answer the following questions in less than ~150 words each. As described on the syllabus, your answers are expected to demonstrate that you have read and thought critically about the assigned readings in order to receive full credit.

Question 1: According to Lewis and Maslin (2015), what are the 2 main events that are most likely to represent the beginning of the Anthropocene?

Question 2:Why is there more interest in the definition of the Anthropocene than other “epochs”, according to Lewis and Maslin (2015)? What would this definition affect?

Question 3: What is the main reason for the existence of the threshold mentioned by Steffen et al. (2018)? In other words, if we stop emitting GHG after the threshold, why would Earth keep warming? This is the main difference between the Hothouse Earth pathway presented by the authors and the trajectories suggested by previous analysis.

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