SCIE 208 American InterContinental Ch 1 Viruses Secrets of Life Science DiscussionCourse


SCIE 208 American InterContinental Ch 1 Viruses Secrets of Life Science DiscussionCourse

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Living things share 8 characteristics (listed in Chapter 1 of your textbook on page 19- at bottom of page). A living thing grows, undergoes metabolism, responds to its environment, reproduces, passes DNA to the next generation, maintains homeostasis, changes over time, and is made up of cells. A non-living thing may seem to do one or more of these things, but to be classified as living; all eight characteristics must be present. Sometimes, you may see something that seems alive but is not. Though you can’t see it, you have likely experienced it; one of those things is a virus.

Answer BOTH of the following questions:

  1. Using all 8 of the characteristics that define life, indicate which one(s) viruses have and which one(s) they do not, and explain each difference.
  2. With these results, present an argument that a virus is a living thing. Then, present the opposite argument that viruses are not alive.

Follow these guidelines for your paper:

  • Utilize at least 1 credible source to support the arguments presented in the paper. Make sure you cite appropriately within your paper, and list the reference(s) in APA format on your Reference page.
  • Your paper should be 1–2 pages in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page.

Chapter 1 page 19:

All living things do the following:

■ Reproduce.

■ Pass along their traits through DNA.

■ Consume energy sources and expel waste products to maintain homeostasis.

■ Respond to their environments.

■ Respond to stimulus.

■ Change over time.

■ Can differ as individuals while still being part of a species.

■ Consist of biomolecules arranged into cells, which have definite internal structures and functions and in the more complicated life forms, are organized into tissues and organs that also have definite structures and functions.

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