SBM4201-CarHire is a car rental company in Australian established in 2010


SBM4201-CarHire is a car rental company in Australian established in 2010

CarHire is a car rental company in Australian established in 2010. The company wants to develop and deploy a new Car Rental System (CRS). The CRS required to install and configure email, web, database management system and some networking servers to provide the required services such as emails for staff and students, web page and database management system. In addition, the networking infrastructure must be established to provide communication and networking facilities with the required security and system availability. Different types of network devices and support servers including networking switches and routers must be installed and configured with all the required cabling services. Security devices and backup services are required to improve the system performance. The company wants also to develop a mobile application (MobCarHire) that allows the customer to search and book a car using mobile phone. Android Studio mobile application have been suggested by the IT department for developing the mobile application. The software developers at the IT department assigned the task of developing both CRS and MobCarHire from scratch within 1 year and 2 months.


Use the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to identify all the activities required to build, launch, and maintain an information system. Discuss the six core processes of the SDLC required to develop the CarHire project. You have to provide detailed information regarding each core processing activity. Your answer should include the Work Break Down (WBS), sequence of activities and the dependencies of those activities. In addition, you have to used, use cases and other Modeling techniques and tools with justification. You may need to make some assumptions with the required justifications 

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