San Diego State University Health & Social Determinants in Modern Society PapersSchool


San Diego State University Health & Social Determinants in Modern Society PapersSchool

San Diego State University

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What are the social determinants of health?

social determinants of health

paradigm of health

Social determinants and public policy Baker et al .pdf

Social determinants review Bambra et al.pdf

Gender and Global Health Hawkes & Buse.pdf

COVID 19 and social determinants.pdf

programs and HIV

SDH in India (Links to an external site.)

What works ? (Links to an external site.)

Thegirl effect

Now that you know more about the social and structural determinants of health, I want you to think about your own life.

  1. Identify a social determinant of health in your own life that was either beneficial to you or a barrier to things like health care. Please explain in 3-4 sentences how this social determinant has influenced your lived experience. Were you aware of the role this social determinant played in your own life before we covered it in this class?
  2. Now, find a peer-reviewed research article (you will want to use the SDSU library or GoogleScholar for this) that examines this social determinant and relation to health in another country. Summarize the article findings
  3. Using the Social Ecological model, explain how this social determinant exists at EACH level (individual, community, policy, etc). Provide concrete examples of how we can address the inequities caused by this social determinant at each level.


Now that you have learned about the social determinants of health, I want you to look at these determinants in a global context. For this discussion, please discuss the social determinants of health in a specific WHO region Links to the work being done in each region is below:

  1. In your own words, explain social determinants of health in 2-3 sentences.
  2. Identify the WHO region you would like to focus on. Why is this region of interest to you?
  3. Using info from the WHO website, address the following questions in 5-6 sentences: What are some of the main issues of focus in this region? What work has been done around social determinants of health? What has worked and what hasn’t?
  4. Pick one social determinant of health that contributes to disease transmission in this region and specifically describe the role of this social determinant in disease transmission? Provide 2 concrete recommendations for addressing this social determinant based on empirical research (remember to cite your sources) .


  1. Please read this article on the GBD and environmental health.pdf
  2. Pick one disease from EITHER table 1 or Figure 1 that stood out to you. In your own words, summarize the findings from this paper and explain why this stood out (so why were you surprised)
  3. Now, do a bit of research about the history of this disease on your own- summarize the prevalence and populations most impacted.
  4. Based on what you have read, discuss three ways to address the environmental impact of this disease (remember to cite your sources)


It is that time to get your feedback about the course. Please respond to the questions below honestly. Your feedback will not impact your grade and I do my best to implement suggestions in the course.

  1. What are you liking about the course?
  2. What are you disliking about the course?
  3. What are 2-3 things I can do to improve the course for you (be specific)
  4. What are 2-3 things I should keep doing (be specific)
  5. What are 2-3 things I should stop doing?
  6. Please include any other feedback or suggestions if you have any.


Part 1: Watch the YouTube video, Sex & the Price of Masculinity, here: and respond to the following questions:
What are some reactions you experienced, both positive and negative, while watching the video? Why do you think you had these experiences?How would you define sexual consent?From your understanding, is this situation common? Is this something that good people could do without even realizing it? Why or why not?How was compassion relevant in this story? Why do you think compassion is important in sexual situations?How do you think students overall could improve on clear sexual communication?

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