Saint Leo University Oceanic Pollution DiscussionSchool


Saint Leo University Oceanic Pollution DiscussionSchool

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Type at least 150 words and include at least ONE internet source to support your reply. Cite your sources using MLA format. Provide a substantive comment about whether or agree or disagree with their argument, note anything you found interesting about their post, and do a little further internet research about their post (cite any sources you use, including websites).

1. While it is hard for me to take a strong stance on the statement because I do believe individual people are waking up to the role they play in polluting our planet, I do think corporations are prevailing over individuals, because they are able to destroy ecosystems without regulations or punishments.

Corporations only see things as ways to make more money, and they will do anything it takes to increase their profits, even if it means hurting other organisms – and their own employees. Since the practices of corporations go unchecked, they are able to overfish and pollute the ocean with plastic and oil. Twenty corporations have created “over one fifth of the ocean acidification that occurred since 1965” (Bennet). When ocean acidity rises, it threatens smaller organisms like plankton, shellfish, and coral which are essential parts of the ocean food web. Without these organisms, the whole ocean ecosystem is at risk.

Corporate greed has also allowed companies to dump plastic and other pollutants in the water. Individuals are so used to having plastic packaging around everything that they do not pay attention to the harm single-use plastic is doing. In March of 2019, a whale washed up in the Philippines with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach. Every year, an estimated “8 million tons of plastic enter the world’s ocean.” Imagine how much plastic other organisms and animals, like fish, have ingested plastic, and then are sold to people for food?

In Ocean of Life, Roberts describes how corporations’ practices of overfishing have decimated the ocean. These practices have “transformed life on the seabed, converting three-dimensionally complex habitats rich in coral, sponge, sea fan, and seaweed into endless, monotonous expanses of shifting gravel, sand, and mud” (Roberts 49). While corporations may be making money now, they are creating a “marine wasteland” (Roberts 55). Roberts argues that “most of the world’s major fishery species have been reduced…by 75 percent to 95 percent or more” (Roberts 50). So why are companies not changing their ways? When they disrupt a complex ecosystem, it increases the chance of disease outbreaks, harming the product (the fish) and the consumer (us). Fishers are having to work “17 times harder” to get the same amount of fish as people in the 19th century (Roberts 45). How is this good for business?

If human decency will ever triumph over corporate greed, we must impose new regulations that put the environment first (which will also end up putting humans first), and create new fishing and manufacturing practices that are good for the planet and for business.

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