Root Cause Analysis Assignment


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Correction  of  faults  in  software  projects  incurs  considerable  costs  for  software  organizations, especially  if  fault  detection  occurs  late  in  the  development  process.   Various  approaches  have been introduced to facilitate fault detection and to introduce changes in the development process  to  prevent  or  mitigate  these  problems.   For  example,  root-cause  analysis  seeks  to  identify each  fault’s  point-of-origin  so  that  appropriate  procedural  changes  can  be  made.   Root-cause analysis employs retrospective reports, made at the time a fault is detected. 

Researchers have explored a different approach that draws heavily upon psychological investigations of human error. Mental errors are understood to be the origins of faults, regardless of where the fault manifests itself. Human errors have considerable regularity.

In collaboration with industry partners, you are being exposed to short training on how to abstract “errors” from the faults presented to you. These faults are realistic faults (also referred to as defects) that are made during the requirements development. You are being asked to use the training and respond to your analysis of underlying root cause followed by a short survey of training quality and appropriateness.

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