Research Paper (Your Choice)


Research Paper (Your Choice)

The research paper should be a minimum of 15 pages (not including title page, references, abstract, etc.) and should cite at least 15 different references. The textbook only counts once. It should be double spaced (no double-double spacing between paragraphs allowed), with 1” margins. Use Times New Roman. A full page is at least 500 words. Full credit will not be given for pages that are not full. The paper may be on one of the following topics, but you are not limited by these: 1. The Glass Ceiling: Are women treated differently? 2. Are the U.S. Television News Networks ethical in their political reporting? 3. Diversity programs: Are they ethical treatment for all? 4. CPA Candidates – same directions (except length), but a different topic is given below. Your research paper should use APA formatting to indicate the citation in the text body plus should have a References page at the end of the paper. Generally, the research paper will follow the following format: I. Overview of the Issue II. Research Supporting One Side or View III. Research Supporting the Opposite View IV. Discussion and Analysis of Issues V. Conclusion Please DO NOT make the following mistakes on your paper: 1. Write a high-school research paper on the topic assigned. Please, don’t write a paper that tells me what diversity is. Your paper should argue the underlying issues of the topic. 2. No long quotes. Graduate students understand that their job is to sythesize the work of others into coherent ideas. I do not like any quote of more than two sentences. 3. No paraphrasing of articles. As graduate students, you may cite another’s idea, but your work must be original and creative. 4. Under no circumstances can you ever hand in a paper that you have previously submitted in another class for credit. 5. Plagiarism in any form is grounds for failure in the class, not just on the paper. You should use the principles learned in the course to pursue the discussion. Do not be discouraged about doing a 15 page paper.

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