Research Paper on: Do states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher or lower crime rates?


Research Paper on: Do states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher or lower crime rates?  

      This project will include an Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Hypothesis and Questions, Research Design: Methodology, Results, and Conclusion. A sample paper will be discussed during the course. The paper must abide by the following guidelines:

1. The paper must be written in APA      format

2.The paper must be between 10 pages (length includes title page, abstract and references).

3 The organization of the paper must include the following:

Title Page

-Abstract– Correct length and format in APA

-Introduction and Background-What makes this topic worth studying? Who will benefit from the knowledge gained? What is the history surrounding this issue? You must use scholarly resources: peer reviewed journal articles, relevant government reports, search engine results, original documents, etc., to document the historical perspective. 

-Literature Review- You must identify and read at least eight peer reviewed journal articles or scholarly resources that have studied the question you are asking or is closely related. The results of the past research must be summarized in this section, along with a statement of its relevance to your study. 

-Hypothesis and Questions: State your hypothesis and the relevant questions. This section should be no longer that half a page. 

-Research Design: Methodology– Description of the method used. What is the design of your study? How will you select subjects (sampling options)? What is your data collection tool (survey, focus group, personal interview, secondary data analysis, etc.)? You need to provide a copy of the data collection instrument or questions asked, and other documents relevant to data collection (invitation to participate, consent agreement, special instructions, thank-you note, etc.) in Appendices. How will you analyze and present your data?

-Results: Your results are to be presented in narrative form. You may use charts and/or tables where appropriate. 

-Discussion/Conclusion: What are the implications of your results in light of research cited in your Literature Review? What conclusions can you draw from your results? What are the possibilities for future research in this area? 

-Reference Page: (At least eight scholarly references)

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