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Paper instructions: Answer each of the following questions below. A 2-3 page response should be provided for each question. References (in APA format) are required. 

Select three sectors from the following list to use when answering the questions below (use the same three sectors for each question):
•Energy Sector
•Dams Sector
•Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Materials Sector
•Communications Sector
•Information Technology Sector
•Water and Wastewater Systems Sector
•Chemical Sector
•Critical Manufacturing Sector

1. Discuss the interdependencies of three of the critical infrastructure sectors listed above.

2. How are critical infrastructure assets prioritized in the three sectors you selected? 

3. What measures do the three sectors you selected take to ensure continuity of operations?

4. What special considerations should be made for life and property that result as a consequence to an attack on the three critical infrastructure sectors you selected?