research methodology discussion



This assignment serves as a practice for student who is graduating next year. Based on the given research objective, student needs to define how the research will be conducted to collect reliable and useful data on the given research topic. The choice of the research techniques have to be justified.In addition, it needs to answer the following questions:

-Which research will be conducted? Qualitative or Quantitative research ( or the combination of both)

-Sampling technique ? ( in case Quantitative research is applied )

-In case of Qualitative ( how many respondents are enough? , where could the respondents be approached, found?)_

-Research population

-Validity and Credibility of the research ( how to ensure the validity and credibility of this research – ( explain how to obtain data , how the choice of respondents, ( right respondents) , data collection could assure this)

Research objective :

To gain insight into travel motives and social media behaviors of Vietnamese travelers aged 24-35, in order to devise a social marketing communication plan that helps increase the brand awareness of Travelsmile ( travel company )towards this target group.

Bear it mind that :

Regarding the access to data : This company would provide the researcher the contacts of its previous client.