Research argument essay (English Level) Grade 12 English – ESL – English as a second language (program) Around 1500 to 2000 words Sending an example ps: pls check the details before assign to write this essay, it is simple but must to follow the details asked in the instruction


Research Essay Guidelines Your essay should be between 2 and 4 pages long (1,500-2,000 words, Times New Roman 12, double spaced) and have the following structure: Introduction State the purpose of your essay (a thesis statement) Remember, your purpose depends on the type of your essay: argumentative, descriptive, or analytical Provide background on your topic (In your view, what does your reader need to know in order to make it easier for him/her to understand your topic? Include all relevant information) List all key terms you are going to use later in your essay (if any), but don’t define them in the introduction Provide a roadmap (a brief overview of your essay- its main components) The main body (discussion- this is where you answer your important question(s) Include as many paragraphs as needed to fully address your topic Remember: each paragraph should discuss a stand-alone idea Each paragraph has to have a topic sentence (controlling idea) which has to be developed in the rest of the paragraph Fully define all key terms related to your topic Ensure you have a source in APA style for each fact in your report and do not forget to properly format and refer to your visuals if you decide to use some A personal commentary (OPTIONAL) In one brief paragraph, reflect on your own experience with the phenomenon you have described in your essay. Have you experienced its effects? What is your own opinion about this topic? Do you agree/disagree with the authors/scholars/researchers you cited? What needs to be done to improve the current situation? To prevent possible harm/negative consequences etc.? Conclusion Restate the purpose of your essay and briefly summarize your key points (answers to the main question(s) of the essay) References Be sure to include proper in-text citations throughout your essay and a corresponding list of references at the end of your essay in APA style Use at least 3 academic sources (no more than 6 sources) You may also use newspaper articles, YouTube videos and other non-academic sources in your essay, but make sure that you cite at least 3 academic sources. Note on academic language use: It is my hope that in your essays you will use proper academic language structure and vocabulary that we have learned in this course so far. These include using formal language, reporting verbs, transition words and expression, proper sentence structure, verb tenses, hedging, etc. I also expect you to show me your ability to paraphrase, summarize, and synthesize a variety of materials/sources in your own writing You should be able to communicate your ideas in a clear and logical way so that the reader fully understands your arguments/descriptions You must use proper academic conventions and format (this includes in-text and end-of-text citations, formal language use, etc) invading-our-lives Include : f. 2 Noun clauses (underline) g. 2 passive voice (bold) h. 2 Quotes i. 2 Modals verb Article – Artificial intelligence – privacy

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