Query theory and attribute framing


Query theory and attribute framing

Query theory and attribute framing Hardisty, D. J., Johnson, E. J., & Weber, E. U. (2010). A dirty word or a dirty world? Attribute framing, political affiliation, and query theory. Psychological Science, 21(1), 86-92. Write a critical review of an empirical paper. The review should cover the following aspects and have the following structure (there is NO need to use the following subheadings). This is just to guide you regarding the content of the essay. 1) Introduction o Brief exposition of the topic under study and main findings previous to this research. o Goal of the study under review. 2) Summary of the study and main findings (including important methodological information). o How does it investigate the question(s) under study? 3) Critical review o How does the study add to other literature in the field? o What are the limitations of the study? o And what are the implications of these findings? And potential directions? You should read and cite at least 6-8 references. Do not start looking for other random papers but make sure to start exploring the topic by looking at the reference list provided by each of the papers above

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